Remove – What is and How to Delete/Remove Babylon 9 Search Virus/Toolbar/Translator (Download Uninstaller for Chrome)

Are you the one of annoying Windows end-users? Would you like to know why so? Then how can you completely uninstall

Okay, I guess you folks there may do NOT like the hijack troublemaker at all, well, then, to completely remove – someone had said or reported it was the babylon search VIRUS! Why?! Please see the newest detailed Anti-Virus scan of it by VirusTotal; and related users’ complaint from Cnet’s Download page.

  • SHA256: 3ee86d2eef67c21452ad653481ee9471d85359fbb367277f18f59e32c2fe08a3
  • SHA1: dc7b302203024eee1d82fc28b791009922c18263
  • MD5: 19e1fa7744de934b22243dcfc5ee0294
  • File size: 897.6 KB ( 919192 bytes )
  • File name: Babylon9_setup.exe
  • File type: Win32 EXE
  • Detection ratio: 3 / 42
  • Analysis date: 2012-08-10 10:51:16 UTC ( 0 minutes ago )

Note The downloaded installation package, Babylon9_setup.exe, was reported by the Antiy-AVL (as Trojan/Win32.Agent.gen), the TrendMicro-HouseCall (as TROJ_GEN.F47V0808), and the ViRobot (as Trojan.Win32.A.Agent.67584.F).

Then I was wondering had I downloaded a FAKE one (a.k.a., rogueware) or not? See or review the detailed information about the installer package.

  • Type of file: Application (.exe)
  • Description: Babylon Client Setup
  • Size: 897 KB (919,192 bytes)
  • Size on disk: 900 KB (921,600 bytes)
  • File version:
  • Product name: Babylon Client Setup 1.0
  • Copyright: 2011(c) Babylon Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • Digital Signatures: Shown below

OMG, why?! Then I reviewed the express installation of the Babylon9_setup.exe on my Windows 7 computer. Then you guys there would know why so many users wanna remove the sick VIRUS: you will find the real TROUBLEMAKER, Babylon Toolbar!

  • Babylon’s Single Click Features
    • (Bla, blaa here)
  • Babylon Toolbar Features
    • Search the web using Babylon search
    • Translate words and expression in 75 languages
    • Geo targeted radio with over 2,000 stations in over 50 countries
    • Huge collection of free online games

See the additional installation options for the online translator! And it’s recommended that you review the Babylon 9 uninstall guide to aid you completely remove

  • Add desktop and quick launch icons
  • Make Babylon my default search engine
  • Make Babylon Search my homepage on my browsers
  • Install Babylon toolbar

NOTE To prevent the issue on your machine, please diselect the above install options for the annoying Baby!

Now, please follow me to thoroughly remove the annoying

Tip If you would have encountered any errors or unknown issues during the uninstall process, please click on the Live Chat button for more expert support! Here you go.

  1. Logged in using any administrative accounts on your device, you then save and close all the currently running Windows application(s)/program(s), and your personal files.
  2. Launch the gray blue Close option on the top right of the Baby program.
  3. Check its process via running Windows Task Manager: right-click on the Taskbar, scroll up and select the Start Task Manager option on the menu; or you can also press [Ctrl] key + [Alt] key + [Del/Delete] key to open the Manager. Then you can force disable the below processes related with the translator: the Babylon.exe and the BabylonTC.exe – locate them and launch the End Process option for them >> select the End process option from WTM.
  4. Click Start >> All Programs / Programs >> Babylon >> run the Uninstall application in it.
  5. Select Yes option from Windows 7 / Vista’s UAC.
  6. You then may need to wait seconds for the Confirm Uninstall window to appear. Then you click the OK on it. And then, please stand by.
  7. Then the installed default web browser will visit the uninstall survey page by babylon[dot]com just like mine, Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1.
  8. Click the expand list on the search engine provider, scroll down and enter the Manage Search Engine… entry on the menu.
  9. To completely remove, you then locate the Search the web (Babylon) item on the Manage Search Engine List; then click Remove tab on right pane; and, then, you click OK to exit the List window.
  10. Click on the expand menu on the Firefox’s title, again, you scroll down and enter the Add-ons entry.
  11. Click on the second blue icon on the left pane, named Extensions. Launch the Remove option for all the listed items related with Babylon: the Babylon 1.5.0, the Babylon Spelling and Proofreading and the Babylon Translation Activation 1.1. You can click on the blue More link behind them for more details.
  12. Now you click on the Restart now link on the Add-ons Manager.
  13. Again, you enter the Options >> Options entry in Mozilla’s expand menu.
  14. Click on the General tab on Options window. Then you select the Restore to Default option for the Home Page settings; click OK.
  15. Re-run your newly modified Firefox/Aurora to check the above changes made to it.
  16. Open up Windows Internet Explorer on your computer. Click on the Gears icon on right top of it. Scroll down and select the Internet options on the menu.
  17. Similarly, you select the Use blank option for Home page; click Apply button then.
  18. Now, you click Settings in Search section. Locate the Search the web (Babylon) listed in Search Providers, launch the Remove option for it.
  19. You then click on the Toolbars and Extensions on left pane. Check and then remove any items associated with to fully uninstall it, such as the Babylon Toolbar and the Babylon toolbar helper. Finally, you click the Close to shut down the Manage Add-ons window. And then the OK on Internet options.
  20. Tip You launch the Disable options for all the Babylon’s add-ons installed in Internet Explorer. To save your time, you can add the Babylon toolbar helper option to the Disable add-on window. But the above two items just remained in the Toolbars and Extensions!

  21. Now, close your IE and re-run it to check the above configurations made to it.
  22. One more thing you need to complete: click the Start >> Settings or derectly the Control Panel >> Uninstall a program or Add or Remove Programs in CP >> remove the Babylon toolbar IE from the Currently Installed Programs list to remove virus!
  23. Tip You then click the OK on Babylon toolbar Uninstall window.

    NOTE Please select the No option from the annoying Baby!

    Tip Click the Show details for more information about its automatic uninstall process. Then you click the Close on the Completed wizard.

  24. Now shut down the “We are sorry to see you going…” webpage.
  25. Okay, guys there, to completely remove “virus”, you then save and reboot your machine. After the reboot, you backup the current Windows Registry Editor, you must start the manual search for and then delte those sick leftovers on your computer to thoroughly remove! See the screenshots and the Babylon 9 Uninstall guide below for more tips.

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